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In Catan (also known as The Settlers of Catan), all players attempt to take control over the the island of Catan by acquiring resources and then building cities, settlements, and roads. Every turn the dice are rolled which determines what resources are produced for that round on the island. Players then collect these resource cards and use it to trade and build their settlements, cities, and roads in order to acquire victory points. First player to accumulate 10 Victory Points wins.

Catan offers massive replayability as the hexadonal tiles which make up the island are randomly placed each round. Each tile contains a resouce (or the desert). After placing the tiles, number disks which indicate die roles are placed. If a die roll matches with the indicator, the island produces that resource.

It’s a wonderful family game which has won numerous awards. It’s popular because of its appeal to both experienced and novice players. Catan is sometimes called the gateway game to other more complex games.

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