Popular Board Games on Kickstarter Right Now

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Popular Board Games on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is simply amazing. We’ve bought way too many fancy sounding (and looking) things for way too much money. It’s full of amazing stuff. But of course here on Tabletop Tower we’re only interested in the board games, which the platform is especially great for.

It’s no longer needed to please execs at the big publishers. Create an amazing board game and market it directly to your users and get your funding directly from them as well. What could be better?

Without further ado, here are some insanely popular board games on Kickstarter right now:


After a life You have to clear your name after a life of betrayal and disloyalty in this fantasy strategy game.

It looks fantastic and there’s still 20 days to go.

They have a weird tier system going on. The first real tier is about $29 USD but that only includes the expansions which can’t be played without the base game.

You get the base game in the $79 USD tier but no expansions.

It’s already over 700% funded!

Valor & Villainy: Minions of Mordak


We love cooperative games and this looks to deliver on that front, and with a great, alliterating name as well!

Already funded (within 1 hour!) this game has major hype.

You can gain access to the game for $39 USD which isn’t bad at all

Suburbia Collector’s Edition

This a remake of the award-winning 2012 Suburbia, a city building game.

This remake has new art and components.

Even though it’s 6,000% funded – yes six thousand percent – there are still 19 days to go.

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