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Carcassonne Board Game Review

We’ve finally gotten to play Carcassonne! It’s one of those games where I have to always copy & paste the name because it’s impossible to spell. How many “s’s”? How many “n’s”? I can never remember.

Despite the difficulty of the spelling (which by the way is probably the most difficult part of the game) Carcassonne has very quickly became one of our favorites. It’s extremely easy to set up and learn. No complex rules or set up required.

We got it over the holiday period and played it almost religiously every night. It’s very easy to just play one more game. Kind of like a game of Civilizations.

The rules are simple and the game is fun. What’s even more it’s one of the best two player games we’ve had the pleasure of playing. It’s simply fantastic!

TL;DR: We absolutely love Carcassonne. Great for two players.


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