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Catan Review

Previously / Also known as “Settlers of Catan”, Catan is one of our favourite games. It’s most people’s gateway game (after Monopoly of course.)

You are a settler exploring new lands. You need to trade resources with your fellow players in order to expand your reach. Build more settlements and cities to gather points. You need roads as well of course and you might need to build an army to steal those precious resources that you cannot get a hold of.

It’s partly a game of skill but because of the dice it’s not just strategy but a fair bit of luck is involved as well.

Nevertheless, it’s an excellent game to play with friends and family (who’ll temporarily turn into foes.)

As you convince more people to join your gaming group, grab one of the expansions to add support for up to 8 players.

TL;DR: We love this game even though there is a chance to make enemies.

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