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Dead of Winter Review - Tabletop Tower

These days when we play Dead of Winter we tend to listen Viking inspired music by Danheim – it sets the mood perfectly. I don’t know what vikings and zombies have in common, but it just works. Trust me.

The game starts with various scenarios where your colony is already in a dire or soon-to-be dire situation, being overrun by zombies and low on food. While you’re fending off zombies at the colony you will also have to take your characters on little exploration missions to find resources – food, weapons, and other helpful items which will help you combat the horde.

The crossroads cards which are little event cards that gets pulled by the player to your left before your turn in this game adds a lot to the story element of the game. Every crossroad card has a trigger after which an event unfolds – a mother and child starving and begging for help, or a lost survivor attacking you thinking you’re a zombie and many, many more. Will you help them? Do you fight them? Remember, you don’t always have enough food… However, if you’re the traitor stringing these extra survivors along might help you complete your goal and hinder the colony’s. You don’t always know who’s on your side.

It’s these little decisions that make the game great.

Dead of Winter is a board game that makes you feel physically cold and makes you face hard decisions – you really emphasize with the fictional characters and you get attached to them. If they get overwhelmed and killed it’s devastating but you must continue onward.

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